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16G Business Class for Boeing and Airbus Aircraft

The C2C Business Class Seat is by far the most comfortable Manual Business Class seat on the market. The seat was originally designed for British Airways and was their business class seat on the B747, B777, and B767 range of aircraft where it was hugely successful and won many awards. In 1999 when BA replaced the seat with its new Lie Flat Pods, the "Cradle Seats" as they are affectionately known were sent to us to remarket.

Business Class on B757-100

The seat has been further developed by us which includes modifying and rectifying the seat to 16G so the seat can be installed in New Generation Airplanes. In addition to the recertification we introduced modifications such as Leather seat Covers, PC Power Outlets, Decorative Panels, recline restrictions, Seat Pitch reductions whereby the seat can now be installed in a 40 inch pitch, further modifications include a drinks/confectionery/cosmetics cabinet. The seat is now approved to be installed on all B737, B757, B767, B777, and B747 Aircraft and can also be provided after modification to fit the Airbus range. The C2C seat is currently installed with over 25 Airlines and is incredibly reliable.

Lead time for this seat is 6-8 weeks or sooner depending on customer's specification.

  • Converted from B747 to B737 & B757
  • 16G Certification
  • Plastic Panels Coloured to customer requirements
  • Upholstered in new leather or fabric
  • I.F.E. modification & P.C. power installed to customer requirements