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C3C "Lie Flat Bed" Electric Sleeper and Recaro A340 Seats

The C3C "Evolution" Electric Lie Flat Business seat is our latest product that we are offering the worlds airlines. The seat was originally designed by Reynard Engineering and subsequently provided to Virgin Atlantic as their First Class product, some of these seats are still in service with the airline. The award winning seat was greeted with a tremendous response when first introduced and is superbly designed and engineered with low maintenance cycles in mind.

C3C seating

Recent additions to our range is the Recaro 6510 Lie Flat A340 and A330 Seat with over 300 pax places in stock.

The "Evolution" seat is exactly what it means as since its first inception the seat has constantly evolved where now we have added several modifications and achieved recertification for different types of aircraft, the original 16G certification was for B747-200,400 and A340-300,600 in addition to this the seat is now approved for B737 series and B757 series and can be further modified by us for other aircraft types.

The seat can be installed in 55,60,65 inch seat pitch and features leather panels, cloth covers, new foam technology, improved in seat power systems. A single version of this seat has been produced by us but as yet not certified and by utilising a pod with the seat can add extra dimension to your product. The seat is currently in service with 7 airlines.

Lead time for this seat is 6-8 weeks or sooner depending on customer's specification.

  • Converted from A340 to B737 & B757
  • 9G Certification
  • Plastic Panels Coloured to customer requirements
  • Upholstered in new leather or fabric
  • I.F.E. modification & P.C. power installed to customer requirements