Modern Slavery Statement


This statement sets out the expectations for all European directors, employees, workers and contractors in meeting the Company’s response to eradicating the use of modern slavery and human trafficking in both our own operations and in our supply chain.

Modern slavery is the illegal exploitation of people for personal or commercial gain and can take many forms, including servitude, forced labour, slavery and human trafficking. European Aviation Limited exists to supply surplus commercial aircraft parts to the aviation marketplace. Our supply chain extends across the world. We are committed to sourcing goods from suppliers who hold relevant approval certificates for quality and who are operating in a responsible manner.

Our Commitment

European Aviation Limited remain committed to taking steps to prevent modern slavery taking place anywhere within our organisation or in any of our supply chains. We expect all employees, workers and contractors to support and uphold these commitments:

  • As a company, we shall operate a proactive response to eradicating any and all forms of modern slavery, both in our organisation and in our supply chain.
  • All directors, employees, workers and contractors have responsibility for the reporting of modern slavery, if and when detected in our organisation and in our supply chain.
  • Our recruitment processes will remain rigorous in ascertaining the identity of potential employees and eliminating the risk of participating in modern slavery.
  • We engage with our suppliers in addressing the risk of modern slavery occurring in our supply chain. If modern slavery was detected within our supply chain then we would look to take steps, such as, official reporting of the case, asking for them to take remedial action or termination of our business relationship.
  • Our approved supplier’s questionnaire requests our suppliers to agree that they shall not use any form of slave, bonded, forced, labour or engage in human trafficking or exploitation.
  • Information posters about modern slavery will be displayed on employee information and notice boards within Company buildings.
  • Training on the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and its implementation will be provided to all departmental managers and supervisors. This will include guidance on the indicators of modern slavery and the appropriate procedures if a case of modern slavery is suspected.
  • A review of the effectiveness of this statement and our commitment will be undertaken annually by the Managing Director.

Approval of this statement

This statement was approved by the Board of European Aviation Limited.