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Concorde Seats and Trolley

Concorde Purple Haze 2015

Our inventory of ex Concorde original seats numbers several hundred we now offer some interesting options in regards to to this unique aircraft. We have previously developed the Concorde Executive Chair of which there are only a few still available, in addition for 2015 we have redesigned a number of Concorde seats to bring them into the new age to envisage how travelling on Concorde may have looked today.

We have retained the original seat and will gradually be introducing new designs and ideas, our first seat "Purple Haze" is our first offering although we are providing customers the option to request their own choice of colours, so they can in effect design their own seat to coordinate with their office or home. In addition to this we can offer a bespoke genuine aircraft trolley to compliment the seat and both can be purchased as a bespoke set which can make a unique gift.

For further details on this bespoke item please contact us.